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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The busy days of August.. and Lobstah!

I have not been ignoring you! I have just been busy, busy, busy. Too busy! I'm tired!
The last 10 days have been a blur. A "showery" weekend - two showers - a bridal shower for my friend Emily and then a baby shower for Kathryn. (One of these days I'll get back to a post showing you the cute little gift idea I made for Kathryn.... quick, easy and sooo cute - you'll all want to make one... or two.. for any new Moms in your life). The next day, last Monday, I made my Peach Jam (recipe here) and then we went down to our friend Donna's cottage for our last visit before they headed home to Quebec. On Tuesday I had a hundred things to do before Laura and I headed out on a road trip. Wednesday we were off to Massachusetts, with a short detour in Maine to see my friend Susan. More about that later... Got home Saturday night and it's been "catch-up" ever since. Everything needs attention after you've been away. The garden is bursting with cucumbers so I should be making pickles, but no time this week, and next is not looking good either... (If you are local and would like a few cukes, get in touch!) I have been trying to get a little done, as time allows,  on the scrappy red and lights quilt I started working on while watching the Olympics.. but my progress is slow. I wouldn't win any medals! ha! I will be showing you something soon though.. don't give up on me!!
Today I decided I should get bedding sorted out to go to Mark's new apartment. In his four years at university, he had a total of 4 sets of sheets- 2 sets for a twin bed in Residence, then 2 sets of double for his bed in the apartment. Out of those 4 sets of sheets, I have one complete set. Now can someone tell me how you lose sheets??? Arrggghhhh!! I can see losing a pillowcase here and there perhaps, but I have no idea how he managed to lose 3 flat sheets AND a double mattress pad!!! Was he wearing them to Toga parties??! And coming home naked??  hmmm.. okay, not going to let my mind go there...At least we DO have the blanket and comforter.... Guess he's going to have to "make do" with one mismatched set....
OK. Sorry. Just had to blow off a little steam... Back to our girls trip last week. This is Laura's sixth year working at Kings Landing. She had never been to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge Mass., and as she had a few days off last week, we decided it was our only chance to go for this year, so we hastily made some reservations and hit the road! Sturbridge is about an eight hour drive from here, so we were happy to have an opportunity to break that up a bit with a short detour in Maine on Wednesday. My friend Susan of Plays With Needles was vacationing in Maine last week with her family. Since she wanted some good Canadian maple syrup, I told her I would meet her on Wednesday and bring her a few litres. We arranged to meet for lunch at a Lobster Pound near Acadia National Park where they were spending their time. What a wonderful lunch we had!! You choose your own live lobster out of the tank and it is placed in a rope-like pouch and tagged with your
number. Then it goes into the steamer pots with seawater over a wood fire. When it's ready your number is called and it's given to you in a metal tray with a pair of crackers... and was it good!! Susan and Jim had fun cracking them open and pulling out the tender sweet meat...  yummy...  Messy work but sooo worth it!! (Laura and I opted for lobster sandwiches so we wouldn't spend the rest of the day smelling like lobster.)  My photos are not terribly flattering, but they prove we were there.. eatin' lobstah!!
Be sure to check out Susan's blog over the next few days; I'm sure she'll be posting some fabulous photos from their time spent at Acadia National Park. She has already done one post on the tidepools here.

Edit: Wed. 2pm.  Susan has just posted a humourous look at our "lobstah lunch", be sure to read it here.

I'll be back with more photos from our visit to Old Sturbridge Village. The next few weeks will be just as busy for me, but I will try to blog much more often. Thanks for hangin' with me.. and welcome to my new followers!!


Life is too short not to eat well.


GailM. said...

Ahh, that's where you've been. I was wondering. All sounds fabulous.

I'll take a few cukes if you are going to be around this morning.

Elizabeth said...

Particularly love that oh so lady like shot of our friend Susan oogling her Lobsta!!! So cool that you two were able to meet up in Maine!!!
It is delightful to meet you Linda!! I have had the joy of meeting Susan and shopping with her in Alexandria VA. She is something else again , is she not!!! Hope that you get some rain soon!

Linda H said...

Yes Elizabeth, Susan is indeed one helluva gal!! I debated whether to use that "not so flattering" photo, but I knew she would take it well. She is such a good sport! The world needs more people like her!

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