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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Or maybe I should say who CAME to dinner? Normally I don't get too excited over unexpected guests at my table, but late this afternoon I was thrilled to see this cardinal arrive "just in time for a meal"... He only stayed about 30 seconds to sample the fare at my feeder.. I'm hoping he'll come back. You see, I have never had a cardinal at my feeder. Never!! I know there is a nesting pair of cardinals nearby, but they never come to my backyard. They are frequent visitors at my older brother's backyard feeders, but they don't visit me. Until today! I am sooo happy. Isn't he gorgeous? Look at that bright red plumage! Wow!
Have you had lots of birds at your feeders this summer?
Usually I get "the standard fare" of chickadees, sparrows and finches, but lately I've also had redpolls. I don't think I've ever seen redpolls at the feeder in the summer. Of course there always seems to be a woodpecker nearby - they LOVE my old apple trees... and a pair of hummingbirds are constantly buzzing about. We won't mention the crows...
Oliver loves lying in the familyroom window and watching all the action - how lucky for him that this feeder hangs only about ten feet from his favourite spot... he has a "front row seat" for all the activity. What a lucky puss!



As rising sun strikes fiery jewels
In morning drops of dew
I stroll amidst the garden
To watch the earth renew.
The flashing vibrant cardinal
Trills his prelude to the day
While radiant beams of sunlight
Melt shadowy mist away.
He tells me it's a lovely day
With him I must agree--
For his joyous song of morning
Showers blessings down on me.

~ Rea Williams


Marie Alton said...

Wow ... lovely visitor!

We have cardinals around ... I can hear them ... but I haven't provided any food in our old feeders ... really should!

We've had lots of visits to the sunflowers ... by teeny yellow finches ... talk about sweet!

Smaller even than chickadees ... and bright yellow ... their cheery chirp is so wonderful to hear!

We have a woodpecker visit too!

Total entertainment for the cats!

Hugs ... Marie

Gwen Buchanan said...

Linda, It is so wonderful to have these beautiful birds visiting our area. there is a couple in the area.. but only one couple we know of and they have a routine and a route that they like to frequent.. it has been the last 3-4 years.

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