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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Will She Do Next?

You may remember a few days back I told you dear daughter was off to Alberta on a Canadian Military Journalism Scholarship.... She is 1 of 12 Journalism students from across Canada to do this 9 day course, sponsored by the Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute and the Center for Military and Strategic Studies, with co-operation from the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Forces. Part of it is "in class" at the University of Calgary Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, and three days are spent at CFB Wainwright on "Operation Warrior Ram". That's where she is right now, and she just sent these two photos to her brother's phone.... Isn't she gorgeous?? I hardly knew it was her... Her caption with the photos was "This should be interesting, since we can't shower here..."   Several minutes later the text conversation went  something like this:
L:Did you show Mum the pics?
M: Yes
L: What did she say?
M: Said she could hardly tell it was you
L: Oh good, it works!

(She's on the left in both pics, in case you're not sure.... In the photo at left, that's the former Miss New Brunswick on the right - Laura's roommate from last year) I'm sure they'll be pretty happy to get back to Calgary tomorrow and a hot shower and comfy bed... No doubt she'll have many many interesting stories to tell... My daughter, the adventurous one....  Who'd have thought..?!! These photos are SO going on the Photo Collage board at her wedding reception someday....   ;)


"Oh Canada! We stand on guard for thee."


Pamela Gordon said...

Linda, that is awesome. Great pics! And definitely good for that future wedding day. All the best to her! Pam

Laura Hubbard said...

Who'da thunk baby wipes would work wonders in taking off army campaign....

Susan Elliott said...

LOVE it!!!

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