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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have you seen the Old Maid's Eyebrows?

Photo from Kings Landing 2009. Miss Joslin threads her quilting needle.
 Now if that title doesn't grab your interest, nothing will!! haha. I am trying to find a quilt design called Old Maid's Eyebrows. Has anyone heard of it? I know Old Maid's Puzzle, and Old Maid's Ramble, but nothing about her eyebrows! (I wonder..were they bushy? or oddly shaped... or...??) I'm thinking perhaps it is just a "local" name for a traditional design, perhaps? A Google search has yielded nothing, and as well I have checked a number of online sites which list numerous patterns/designs.. No luck. My "quilting library" also has failed me...  So I'm asking you, dear readers - anyone heard of Old Maid's Eyebrows?
 Why? you ask.. Why am I searching for this elusive pattern? All because of a song. The Ladies Choir I sing in recently started working on a new song called "The Quilt". In the chorus are mentioned a number of old quilt patterns, such as Wedding Ring, Ship of Dreams, Lover's Knot, Butterfly and Dresden Plate.... and Old Maid's Eyebrows. It's the only one mentioned that I've never heard of. This week our Director asked if I would do a little research and bring in some photos to our next practice, of these quilts so we could all identify and have a "feel for" what we're singing about... In my Google search, I actually found the person who wrote the lyrics, so I have emailed her to ask also. If she provides me any info on the the ole girls brows, I'll be sure to pass it along... But I am curious to see if anyone has heard of this design. It's certainly a new one on me... I might even offer a "prize" to the first person who can provide info.....
Edit: April 3: I have just heard back from the songwriter, Donna, who tells me that Old Maid's Eyebrows is indeed  an actual quilt pattern. She is going to forward to me a picture of the block and when I receive it, I will add it here. Stay tuned!
Edit:  April 12: See my April 12 post here for a photo of the block!!


"My fav'rite quilt was black and red, it graced the foot of Gramma's bed
An heirloom made to last through time, 'twas made with care and stitches fine.
A piece of hist'ry cut to fit, a pattern far more intricate
than all the pieces on their own, but all together finely sewn
in a Blazing Star, Fox and Geese, Dresden Plate and Butterfly.
The colour and the patterns joining in a joyful dance.

A piece of Gramma's wedding dress, the sky blue of my Grampa's vest,
The softest yellow known on earth, reminder of a baby's birth
Small scraps and pieces of a life too small to keep,
perhaps they might be useful in the larger scheme
of things remembered, hoped and dreamed
in a Lover's Knot, Wedding Ring, Ship of Dreams and Old Maid's Eyebrows,
the names alone were cause to tremble at the sheer romance......."

~ Donna Rhodenizer


Sandra said...

I was about to say Donna of Donna and Andy fame, sang that song; too late you already knew that. Hope she comes up with some info. for you!

GailM. said...

Hmm, I never heard of it. I did find where the song was written by a lady named Donna in Nova Scotia? It looks like she was looking for pictures of the Old Maid's Eyebrows quilts too. If anyone has the CD, you might see a picture on the CD jacket.

Laura Hubbard said...

Why don't you call Lois MacDonald and ask her?

Gwen Buchanan said...

That is a new one to me... but I Love it.. Hope it turns up!!

libbyquilter said...

i'm on the edge of my seat . . . have never heard of this pattern before.


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