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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest We Forget

Today is a special day- a day of remembrance and a day to honour our veterans and those who still serve our country.  We must never forget those who give so selflessly to keep us free and safe in this wonderful country of ours. Wear your poppy proudly.


(Adam Ashton)

Free to be happy
Free to be me
Free to become whatever I choose to be
Free to learn
Free to believe
Free to dream extraordinarily
Free to have hope
Free to have vision
Free to have power to change my condition
My life can become whatever I choose it to be
Because others have died so I can be free.


Wendy said...

Well said! I will be at the ceremonies this morning.

Marie Alton said...

I agree Linda ... very well said ... especially because we tend to take our freedom for granted ... and we really need to focus on why we are able to!

I live very close to Hwy 401 ... also known as the Highway of Heroes. Sadly this is a route that pays respect to current fallen soldiers who are taking their final ride home ... people gather on bridge overpasses to show their compassion to families of those lost in the line of duty ... and it is all too frquent an event.

I recently received a pin from a fellow worker that was very special ... released by Veteran Affairs ... that really made me stop & appreciate the veterans over the years ... past and present ... oppression is still present in this world ... and young men are still fighting & dieing in it's name ... it is our task to remember them all and to be thankful for their sacrifice in the name of freedom.

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