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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busy as a Squirrel

We've had a few days of overcast and rainy weather. I chuckled as I watched this squirrel yesterday, sitting in the apple tree munching on an apple. He was holding his tail right up over his back- I wonder if his back was cold? They are cute to watch. Nothing more than rats with pretty tails, but cute none the less... I feel like a squirrel some days- scurrying around with what seems like too much to get done...
I'm off tomorrow to Woodstock again for another class. I'm all packed and ready, and soon off to bed.
I do have the borders on my ShooFly but it's still waiting to be quilted. I'm happy with my final decision on the border fabrics. You'll see it soon... I will have another "finish" to show you tomorrow though...


The Squirrel

These are the brown leaves fluttering down.
This is the tall tree bare and brown.
This is the squirrel with eyes so bright
Hunting for nuts with all his might.
This is the hole where day by day
Nut after nut he stores away.
When winter comes with its cold and storm
He'll sleep curled up all snug and warm.

1 comment:

Marie Alton said...

Funny how they know what's coming ...and how they scurry about collecting their winter stash!

Love to watch nature & its critters preparing ... here we have a few walnut trees ... and I've noticed several squirrels busy with harvesting them for their larders!

One sure sign of fall is how the starlings seem to flock ... getting ready to fly off to warmer climates ... shorter days and chilly nights ,,, bring it on!

Hugs ... Marie

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