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Sunday, September 4, 2011

More long weekend fun...

The Joslin Farm
Labor Day weekend around here also means a special weekend at Kings Landing- it's Agricultural Fair time. This is one of Laura's favourite "special event" weekends, albeit a bittersweet one. It not only means the end of her summer job for another year and saying Goodbye to her KL "family", it also means some good ole fashioned competitive fun with her co-workers. Handicrafts and baked goods made by the KL staff are on display at the Exhibit Hall. Laura was thrilled to win four ribbons this year- two each for her knitting and sewing - three "seconds" and a "first"! The public can also get in on the fun with the opportunity to try some of the games and friendly competitions that the villagers
would have enjoyed in the 1800's, such as corn husking and eating,  the log toss and cross-cut saw competition, tug-of war, wool carding and woolwinding, the dishwater toss, the laundry competition, childrens' games and so on. I'm not sure who has more fun, those competing, or those watching.

As well there are a number of interesting displays around the village - a number of carriages and wagons, heritage  vegetables, herbs and their medicinal uses, spinning and straw-braiding demos, and so on. There's something going on everywhere you look! And the day finishes off with a barn dance- well okay, this time it was a "street dance" as the barn was in use... I even joined in and kicked up my heels a bit. Yes believe it or not, I know how to do the Grand Chain, Promenade, Do Si Do and a few other sweet moves of the 1800's! lol  Enjoy some of my photos of the faces and places at the Landing... better still, get yourself up to Kings Landing tomorrow and experience it for yourself!!


Kings Landing is "History Well Told"...

Laura with Lewis, the Ox Teamster
Could these three ladies be gossiping?
The Morehouse garden and Scarecrow
Wagon and Carriages near the Morehouse House
One of this year's lambs
Window at the Heustis House
Graham in the Cooper Shop
Musicians waiting for the dance to begin
Dancing the "Tucker"
The last Hollyhock...


Riel Nason said...

Oh Kings Landing! Nostalgia! I worked there too for 2 summers during my university years. Great pics.

Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures Linda! What a great way to spend the weekend.

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