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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wee Witches!

Laura received a parcel in the mail today with a surprise.... a little Hallowe'en wallhanging I made for her last week- the one I couldn't show you last Tuesday. This photo is not the best- taken in a hurry.. It is not a work of art- just something quick and fun that I thought she might like to hang in her apartment for Hallowe'en. It was a very simple pattern, came out of a magazine from years back. I adapted it to foundation-piece, and used George's Foundation Stuff that I purchased from George Siciliano this past summer. (Loved using it as it stays in - no ripping off the foundation.) I backed it with a bright Hallowe'en stripe/print and used a starry print for the binding. Every once in a while it's fun to do something quick and simple just for fun! I hope Laura will enjoy her funky little witchies...
I'm working on a quick little Hallowe'en cross-stitch right now. Hope to have it ready to show in a few days...
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One little, two little, three little witches
Fly over haystacks and fly over ditches
Fly over moonbeams without any hitches
Hey, it's Halloween night.
One little, two little, three little witches
Flew over barbed wire and tore their britches
Had to go home and get some stitches
Hey, it's Halloween night.

1 comment:

MissesStitches said...

Very Cute!! I love the poem, too.

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