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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Apple Blossom Time


Blossom of the apple trees
Mossy trunks all gnarled and hoary,
Grey boughs tipped with rose-veined glory,
Clustered petals soft as fleece
Garlanding old apple trees!
How you gleam at break of day!
When the coy sun, glancing rarely,
Pouts and sparkles in the pearly
Pendulous dewdrops, twinkling gay
On each dancing leaf and spray.
Through your latticed boughs on high,
Framed in rosy wreaths, one catches
Brief kaleidoscopic snatches
Of deep lapis-lazuli
In the April-coloured sky.
When the sundown's dying brand
Leaves your beauty to the tender
Magic spells of moonlight splendour,
Glimmering clouds of bloom you stand,
Turning earth to fairyland
Cease, wild winds, O, cease to blow!
Apple-blossom, fluttering, flying,
Palely on the green turf lying,
Vanishing like winter snow;
Swift as joy to come and go.

~ Mathilde Blind


Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it...

1 comment:

Marie Alton said...

I too love Apple Blossoms! There is a wild tree that grows out back in the Hydro field ... and it is such a lovely sight just now as it is blooming! A few years ago when I was making potpourri I harvested a bunch of petals ... as they dry such a lovely colour ... vanilla & pink.
Vikki Clayton had some ribbon that was quite reminiscent of them ... .love the colour.

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