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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things.. I mean threads

The more you stitch, the more you find that you like some threads more than others. I have definitely developed a few favorites, the Stef Francis cotton threads I last posted about, being one. I love the rich colors, and the ease with which you can stitch with this thread. Another of my favorite cotton threads is Perle Cotton. This is usually easy to find if you have any sort of needlework shop or craft shop near you. DMC produces a wide range of thread colors in embroidery floss and if a shop carries the floss, they often carry the Perle Cotton as well. Size 5 is the most common, with a decent selection of colors in skeins. Sizes 8 and 12 (thinner threads) are usually available in a much more limited color selection, in balls.
An alternative to the DMC is Presencia Finca Perle, available in solids and variegateds, carried "locally" by River Gallery in Glenwood. We are so fortunate to have Sande nearby giving us this wonderful alternative. She stocks the size 5, but can order any of the colors in sizes 8 or 12. Although it is slightly more expensive than a ball of DMC Perle Cotton, there is more yardage in the ball, so it works out, on a "cost per unit" basis to be cheaper. The Finca is also a tighter twist, and I like it better; I find the color range is wider as well. Look at these beautiful blues, purples and greens - who could resist these? Speaking of "favorite things", this bowl is by my favorite N.B. potter, Rachel Morouney of Hidden House Pottery in Otter Creek, near Elgin N.B.

My other favorite cotton thread is Wildflowers by Caron. These are variegated threads, with a very good variety of color choices, from pastels to brights. This thread, weight-wise, is between an 8 and a 12 perle, and is a little fuzzier than a perle. The closest source for those of us here in "Freddy Beach", is Because You Count, a needlework shop in Moncton, located at 164 Collishaw St. As always, you can click on each photo for a closer look...

When doing Crazy Quilting, you should always be striving for variety - not just in your thread colors, textures and solids/variegateds, but also variety in thread weights- your stitching will be more interesting if you have thick threads and thinner threads to contrast.
This third photo shows a combination of Finca and DMC Perles, also variegated Valdani cottons (these are made in Romania), Stef Francis and Sassa Lynne cottons. Because I will have to make up kits for my classes at Quilt Canada 2010, I am already working at building up a varied "Stock".....what a great "excuse"... haha! I think I have enough blues! But... can you EVER have enough of your favorite color?

To finish on a "spring-y" note.... thought I would share these lovely daffodils with you. Laura and I spent several hours last night helping count, bunch and wrap daffodils for the upcoming daffodil campaign of the Canadian Cancer Society. You will be seeing them for sale at local malls and places of business later this week - please treat yourself to a springy bouquet and support this worthwhile cause!
"No matter how long, how cold, how bitter the winter, the daffodils always come up in the spring". - Connie Kern


Linda G said...

I love those colours too and will definately look out for the daffodils. I will need some after yesterday's weather.

GailM. said...

Nice threads. I think that advice to mix textures and weights of threads is great. I'm glad I learned that from you before I started my projects. See you next week!

Marie Alton said...

OOOOoooo...more pretty threads...I've always been kind of a snob to cottons...until they give a different dimension & look than rayon or silk...these colours are lush!

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